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gettingdrastic's Project 365
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Currently a work in progress for 2010.

This is gettingdrastic's journal for her Project 365. I will be starting from January 1st 2011 and end on December 31st 2011. Currently the entries/pictures will be public, but that might change later on down the way. Don't hesitate to join or friend, membership is moderated but I'll accept mostly anyone - but like I said entries will be public, so you can just friend if you'd like.

To take photos I'll try to use my Nikon Coolpix P90 mainly, though I have a feeling I'll be using my camera phone more since I'll have that around me more often. I have a Droid X, and I really like the camera on that phone - compared to my old phone.

I tried to do this last year, 2010, but sadly I couldn't keep up with it. Hopefully since this is the new year I'll be able to keep this going and actually finish it.

layout codes thank you snubbly